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Blizzard’s StarCraft II World Championship Series UK Nationals

Redeye “Reddit, thanks very much for the support”

Definitive e-Sports’s final interview for the WCS UK National event held in London on the weekend. We managed to catch up with WCS UK National presenter, Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner for a small interview about the event as a whole. [hr] Follow us on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/TwitchTV. Continue Reading

SC2: WCS UK GRAND FINALS Recap – Demuslim vs Ziktomini

Game 1 - WCS Antiga Shipyard  Demuslim take his first gas, Ziktomini takes a fast expand Demuslim goes into reactor hellions with an expansion behind it Demuslim takes his third base before landing his first command centre Ziktomini goes up to six queens to defend against the hellions Ziktomini takes his third base and continues to push […] Continue Reading

SC2: WCS UK Recap – Demuslim vs Jonnyrecco

Game 1 - WCS Ohana Jonnyrecco opens hatch into pool Demuslim opens into gasless expo into barracks double gas to stop gas steal Jonnyrecco sends a 2nd drone to scout seeing the expo Demuslim goes into factory tech and moves it onto the reactor for reactor hellions Demuslim gets double e-bay and a 3rd command centre Jonnyrecco […] Continue Reading

Artosis interview “I didn’t think the UK players were this good” – WCS UK Nationals

Definitive e-Sports is in attendance at the WCS UK Nationals in London this weekend. We interviewed Artosis about WCS UK, his daughter, his thoughts on the UK scene and more.. [hr] Follow us on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/TwitchTV Continue Reading

SC2: WCS UK Recap – Jonnyrecco vs Ziktomini

Game 1 - WCS Antiga Shipyard Jonny recco opens up pool into hatch Ziktomini opens up hatch first into delayed pool Both players taking one gas for speed Jonnyrecco produces zerglings and builds a bailing nest Ziktomini just drones and builds a roach warren Jonnyrecco takes a 3rd whilst Ziktomini is producing roaches and builds a bailing […] Continue Reading