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Moscow Five Release Their LoL Squad

Things have gone from bad to worse for the CEO of M5, Dima “dd1ms” Smelyi, who was arrested back in May in The Netherlands as part of an FBI investigation. Effective immediately, eSports organisation Moscow Five is releasing their League of Legends team immediately citing financial problems. (Source in Russian) Released M5 Roster Alexey “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin Eugene “Darien” […] Continue Reading

The Championship Series Info Is Released

More information on the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) was revealed today. Eight professional teams from North America and eight from Europe will compete weekly during a two part season. The top teams from the first half of the season will advance to the playoffs, while the best teams of the second half will directly […] Continue Reading

Path to Pro Online Qualifier Results

The online qualifiers for Season 3′s Path to Pro finished over the weekend. Beginning with the top 32 ranked teams in both Europe and America, they have now been whittled down to the best 8 in each region. It was a hard fought battle and the majority of the fan favourites and well known organizations […] Continue Reading

D-eSports are hiring and expanding in 2013!

D-eSports is once again expanding! Our one year anniversary is coming up on the 20th of Jan 2013. The year has flown by and we have travelled the world producing unique, interesting and high quality eSports content for the community. As we grow in age, we also need to grow in numbers. Our team is […] Continue Reading

A Merry eSports Christmas!

Well what a year it has been! D-eSports was formed January 20th 2012 as just a dream of a small group of friends who wanted to create a unique eSports media team, almost a year down the line our roller-coaster ride is doing well but we have even bigger goals for 2013! We have travelled wide and […] Continue Reading

Riot.Statikk breaks down the season 3 jungle changes

The ever so terrific crew over at Surrender at 20 have released a massive post containing most (if not all) of the posts from Riot-employee Statikk who is in charge of redesigning and also re-balancing the jungle for season 3. Whilst Statikk answers a wide array of questions from users on the official League of legends forum, […] Continue Reading

Team Dignitas disqualified from IEM Cologne Qualifiers due to technical issues

Team Dignitas’ League of Legends team is disqualified from IEM Cologne Qualifers Quarter Finals due to both Patoy and Crumbz (their top laner and support) having technical difficulties. This was mainly due to the fact Crumbz computer had completely broke down and was unable to re-connect to the game. This was a shame because Team Dignitas […] Continue Reading

League of Legends Season 2 Ending News

League of Legends Season 2 News Also adding onto the latest of the news nearing the ultimate match of Azubu Frost vs Taipei Assassins. We have 3 big announcements not pertaining to the world finals! The First is just an update for all you Team SoloMid fans, Reginald is not retiring. Looks like his competitiveness […] Continue Reading

Monomaniac eSports absorb mTw.NA roster, division to be named mMe.Ferus

It was barely a month ago since Monomaniac eSports announced that their League of Legends team, dubbed Monomaniac Dominatus was to disband due to the departure of a number of core members. Today Monomaniac eSports announced that they have started anew with their LoL division by absorbing mTw.NA‘s roster! The team will be going under […] Continue Reading

Riot Champion Spotlight: Rengar, the pridestalker

League of Legends may have just recently passed the milestone of 100 heroes, but that doesn’t mean that Riot games are slowing down their pace! Today, on the 22nd of August Riot’s most recent addition to the league is Rengar, the pridestalker! The role of Rengar is that of a jungler and you can preview his skills […] Continue Reading