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StarTale.PartinG BWC Winner’s Press Conference

In victory PartinG looked both relieved and very, very happy. This video below contains a short clip of PartinG’s winning moment, taking to the stage with the Korean flag and the crowd chanting his name, followed by the Winner’s Press Conference. This is the last of our BWC 2012 coverage, many thanks to Sam and […] Continue Reading

NA Season 2 Regional Championship (Part 2 / Predictions)

Now for the round-up of our NA Season 2 Regional Championship preview, find the first part back here. Today is the biggest moment for the 8 teams coming into this journey. It has been a long arduous one for all of them but they must keep striving on to reach the ultimate goal. The chance […] Continue Reading

MLG Summer Championship LoL Teams Punished, DiG players Fined!

Weekend past winners Team Curse and runner-up Team Dignitas were disqualified from MLG Summer for Collusion, both teams agreeing to split the prize-money (a topic of controversy in eSports history, and MLG history) and agreeing to an ARAM (All-Random, All-Mid) final. MLG have released a statement announcing they will not be paying out money to either of […] Continue Reading

Preview of NA Season 2 Regional Championship

This week marks the hype of Season 2 NA Regional Championship, coming to PAX East this weekend! We here at Definitive Esports want to give you an information guide on the upcoming teams, one of the most important points to lookout for and then preciditions before the big monumentous occassion! We will start with teams […] Continue Reading

SC2: WCS UK Recap – Demuslim vs Jonnyrecco

Game 1 - WCS Ohana Jonnyrecco opens hatch into pool Demuslim opens into gasless expo into barracks double gas to stop gas steal Jonnyrecco sends a 2nd drone to scout seeing the expo Demuslim goes into factory tech and moves it onto the reactor for reactor hellions Demuslim gets double e-bay and a 3rd command centre Jonnyrecco […] Continue Reading

MLG Spring Championship Anaheim Interview with Flash

Clutch interviews Flash after his MLG KeSPA Invitational win. [quote] Clutch: ”When do you feel you will be a Major League Gaming Champion?” Flash: “One year guys”[/quote]   [quote] Clutch: “In Korea you are considered a god in Brood War. Now that you have played StarCraft II in the United States you have generated a lot more […] Continue Reading

MLG Spring Championship KeSPA Invitational Bracket!

I still can’t believe it’s really happening so soon! MLG have revealed the brackets for the exhibition event featuring eight top KeSPA pros competing in Starcraft II. Taking place during the MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim the exhibition tournament will start at 9PM PT on June 9th over 4 streams on majorleaguegaming.com. Bracket below: The […] Continue Reading

MLG Anaheim Casters Announced

As another MLG nears, MLG releases their Starcraft 2 casting line up for the gaming weekend. MLG Anaheim will feature some familiar faces and some less familiar faces which are new to MLG. However, all these casters need no introduction: DJ Wheat DJ Wheat, an all time favourite caster for MLG who has casted alongside Husky and Rob […] Continue Reading

MLG & KeSPA Collaboration, BW pro’s inbound!

2011 was touted as the biggest year in eSports by many, 2012 couldn’t possibly be bigger could it? Wrong. This year has already been bigger than last year largely due to the news that KeSPA is moving to Starcraft 2, MLG today have announced a multi-year global partnership with KeSPA to connect the Western and […] Continue Reading

Heart of the Swarm pre-beta announced for MLG Spring Arena

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that it will offer a beta sneak peek of StarCraft® II: Heart of the Swarm™ to attendees of Major League Gaming’s (MLG) Pro Circuit Spring Championship event, 8th – 10th June at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. A large number of public demo stations at the event will allow attendees […] Continue Reading