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IEM Katowice Conclusion

IEM Katowice ended today with some unexpected results. After a rough performance in Group Play, Gambit Gaming managed to pull an impressive “comeback.” They crushed both Azubu teams, Frost and Blaze, without losing a single map and found themselves $15,500 richer because of it. In Starcraft 2, the biggest surprise was 16 years old underdog from […] Continue Reading

IEM Katowice SC2 Day 2 Recap

Day 2 was not a day for Zergs. In the Round of 12, TLO was the only zerg, of two, to make it into the Quarter Finals by taking out MaNa 3-2. Nerchio fell to Daisy 0-3, Kas defeated LucifroN 3-0, and YoDa took out Grubby 3-1. Only two of the Quarter Finals matches were played today and both were won by Protoss. First defeated TLO 3-0 […] Continue Reading

IEM Katowice SC2 Day 1 Recap

As the day comes to a close and the dust settles, 12 players have survived the gauntlet of Day 1.  Dream (T), PartinG (P), Socke (P), and First (P) all emerged victorious in their groups to secure themselves a direct seed into the Quarter Finals.  The remaining 8, TLO (Z), Grubby (P), LucifroN (T), MaNa […] Continue Reading

Day 2 photos at i46

Here are the end of Day 2 pictures of i46. We managed to make a few gifs of our photos for your enjoyment! Stay tuned at www.D-eSports.com for some classic James Banks interviews. [galleryview id=133] [hr] Follow us on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/TwitchTV Continue Reading

Recap: MLG Summer Arena Puma (T) vs Dream (T)

Game 1 – Daybreak Dream goes one rax into expo into double gas Puma going barracks factory starport Puma goes into hellion banshee but dream has his bunker up and building a Viking Pumas banshee kills 8 units (3SCVs) buyt the Viking comes out and stops the attack whilst the hellion battle by the bunker […] Continue Reading

Recap: MLG Summer Arena Dream (T) vs Taeja (T)

Recap: Dream (T) vs Taeja (T) Game 1: Daybreak Taeja spawning in the bottom left and Dream in the upper right. Dream going for one rax, no gas and Taeja choosing one rax, one gas. Taeja starts his factory as he spots Dream putting down the expansion on the low-ground. Dream follows up the expansion […] Continue Reading

dDreAM joins us tonight on Two and A Half Noobs!

It’s friday again which means we’re going to be finishing our week in shows with some fun, last week we had some fun with Dignitas BlinG, this week we’ll be joined by Dignitas DreAm. Friday at 9PM GMT we’ll be closing the week with Two and a half noobs, the pro-gamer joining us will be the Dignitas.DreAm! (Watch here). […] Continue Reading