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GSL Code S Ro8 Day 2

Day 2 in our GSL Code S Round of 8 boasts some really intriguing matches, with Protoss, Terran and Zerg all represented, ESF and Kespa players here and the simple possibility that any of these players are worthy of moving through to the next round. Will Taeja’s top play be brought out against one of […] Continue Reading

GSL Code S Ro16 Group C

Group C arrives with a bang, bringing us one of the most powerful pack of players in the round of 16 – the Protoss President, looking to leave his legacy in the last term of WoL, the 2 powerful Zergs who are looking to reassert their dominance after some younger upstarts have taken the world […] Continue Reading

IEM Singapore Groups Announced

IEM released the list of the 16 players who have qualified for group play at IEM Singapore in a press release today.  The players have been divided into 4 groups, although the Chinese qualifying player still has to be determined.  Most notably, there are currently no Terran players in the group stage.  The players have […] Continue Reading

David Kim Interviews and Kespa-ESF HotS Tournament

Wwowz on TL translated one of 2 recent interviews with David Kim on Heart of the Swarm.  David Kim responded to questions regarding current WoL PvZ balance and overall HotS design philosophy.  In particular, Kim touched on the infestor in WoL as well as the carrier in HotS. Recently Carriers have been added to the […] Continue Reading

GSL Season 4 Code S group C recap! The elephant’s debut!

SK_MC vs 8th Team_JaeDong StarTale_Curious vs MarineKingPrime  The third day of GSL brings us our first taste of Kespa players in a GSL, with JaeDong getting one of the toughest groups in this season. Would he have enough to bring down any of the ever present Code S players, MC, Curious or MKP? Did Curious […] Continue Reading

MC and MVP Forfiet WCS Spots!

With Gamescom IEM shortly around the corner, MC and MVP have forfeited their games in WCS Korea to travel to Gamescom. Unfortunately for both players, If MVP had won his game on the 15th he had to play the next day. A similar situation had arose for MC forcing them to forfeit to before the […] Continue Reading

GSL 2012 Season 3 Code S FINALS recap!!!

GSL Code S Final LG-IM_Seed vs SK_MC After a long, trying season, where we saw great games and not so great ones, we’re finally here. The Code S Final. Hosted on Haeundae  beach in Busan, Korea, after more than 500 days a new Protoss champion was ready to be crowned. The ever present, Boss Toss, SK_MC was seeking […] Continue Reading

GSL Code S Season 3: SEMI-FINALS!

LG-IM_Seed vs ByunPrime! SK_MC vs MVP.DongRaeGu! We’re here again, one step away from the finals and also one tougher step to elimination. With just four players remaining, nobody can question the skill and passion of today’s GSL line up. The first game of the day was a TvP between ByunPrime, a name well known in Code […] Continue Reading

Recap: NASL Grand Finals 3rd Place Game, MC vs Ret

NASL Grand Finals 3rd Place Game, MC vs Ret Game 1 – Ohana MC moves up towards the 12 o’clock base and pylon blocks the natural base forcing Ret to take the 3rd base. Ret starting with a standard quick 3 base opening, meanwhile MC opens up with a forge fast expand. MC attempts a cannon […] Continue Reading