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AZUBU Joins eSports Federation (eSF)

Since late 2012, AZUBU has been expanding their Starcraft 2 roster and now, with 12 players in their roster, they have joined eSF in order to compete in the GSTL. [quote style="boxed"]“We are very happy to join eSF. We will dedicate ourselves to build a strong e-sports culture with fellow eSF teams, and will try […] Continue Reading

Azubu Signs Former-Slayers Players and Nada

Fans of Genius, Eve, and Sleep can rest easy because they’ve finally found a team.  According to ESFI, AZUBU are planning to announce the acquisition of Genius, Eve, Sleep and Nada as they expand their SC2 roster.  Nada will unfortunately not be joining AZUBU as a player but will instead take up the role of […] Continue Reading

NaDa to help build up new SC2 team

Yesterday Yoon Yeol Lee, known as NaDa, a very accomplished former SC:BW player, announced during his retirement ceremony after his OSL Legend Match his intentions of assuming a managerial position in building up a new SC2 team after serving South Korea’s mandatory military service. NaDa cited as one of his motivations that:[quote ]Many pro gamers […] Continue Reading

CompLexity NaDa Announces Retirement

CompLexity just announced that their Korean Terran player and famous StarCraft:Brood War player CompLexity Nada retires from professional gaming due to personal issues. Lee Yun “NaDa” Yeol had this to say: I wanted to apologize to my oversea fans, Complexity teammates, and everyone else involved that I had to retire early. I was not able […] Continue Reading

OnGameNet StarLeague Becomes A StarCraft 2 League

    OnGameNet has announced that they will leave Brood War. The next Proleauge will be open for everybody: KeSPA players, GSL players and even foreign players. This makes a final between Flash vs MVP or maybe even NaNiwa possible. From OSEN: According to OSEN, the very prestigious OSL will leave Brood War behind and completely switch to being a StarCraft 2 league from next season. The league will be available not only to KeSPA players but to […] Continue Reading

1/3 Nada joins Complexity

Complexity Gaming made the announcement earlier today they would be announcing three new additions to their StarCraft II line-up. Complexity stated in the official announcement they would be revealing the three players over the course of the next 3 days, starting today, Friday 17th. There was a slight teaser of the players being of Korean origin, […] Continue Reading