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GSL Code S Ro8 Day 1

Our round of 8 has finally arrived, and the feeling that the end of Wings of Liberty is definitely about. Interestingly we have 3 Kespa players in the round of 8, and the argument can be made that 3 of them are looking very, very strong. One of those three is up tonight, INnoVation is […] Continue Reading

GSL Code S RO16 Group B Recap

Group B in the round of 16 sees a very interesting mix of players – a Protoss who is capable of anything, including possibly winning this tournament. A Zerg who’s late game is outstanding, yet some would say he may have trouble tonight. A Terran who is a massive fan favourite and will definitely be […] Continue Reading

AZUBU Acquires Supernova, GanZi, Symbol, and BboongBboong

AZUBU expanded their SC2 roster today, picking up Supernova, GanZi, Symbol, and BboongBboong, according to a Fomos article.  According to pencil_ethic on TeamLiquid who translated the article, Bboong and Symbol will serve as pillars of the Zerg roster and GanZi will fill the role of the older brother on the team.  In Korea, older siblings, […] Continue Reading

GSL Code S Group A Recap

Welcome to another season of the GSL Code S; in fact,; in fact, the last season for Wings of Liberty ever! This season we’ll see what is effectively the cream of the crop, with big names such as MVP, Nestea, MC, Parting from the ESF world – and some KesPA folks such as Ty and Innovation. […] Continue Reading

GSL Season 4 Code S Group B Recap! Five and a half hours!

TSL_Symbol vs LG-IM_YoDa Liquid`HerO vs SlayerS_Ryung After an intense day of protoss and zerg yesterday, today’s GSL brings a more rounded balance, with two terrans, one protoss and one zerg. With Symbol fading from the limelight after being knocked out of Code S last season by Seed and then failing to qualify for WCS Korea, […] Continue Reading

GSL Code S Season 3 Ro8: Seed grows and MC resurges

LG-IM_Seed vs TSL_Symbol SK_MC vs Liquid`Taeja This seasons round of eight kicked off in superb style with some incredible play from LG-IM_Seed, TSL_Symbol, SK_MC and Liquid`Taeja. A PvZ and a PvT, best of five series with set maps and everything on the line. Could Symbol continue to walk the royal road, or would Seed continue to burst onto the scene? […] Continue Reading

GSL Code S Season 3 Ro16 Group B: A champion and a Royal Roader

SK_MC advances in first, with TSL_Symbol joining him ST_Squirtle and MarineKingPrime fall to Code A round of 24  Today was perhaps the most anticipated day of GSL this season. A terrifying group of death featuring three previous GSL finalists and a potential Royal Roader. ST_Squirtle, the runner up last season and extremely powerful protoss player. TSL_Symbol, a […] Continue Reading

GSL Code S Season 3 Group F: The Group of Death

TSL_Symbol advances 4-1 in first place,  MarineKingPrime manages to overcome his rival to follow StarTale_PartinG falls to Code A round 2 & SlayerS_Yugioh falls to Code A round 1 —————————————————————–——————————————————————————— The First match of the day was between two high flying players, StarTale_PartinG and TSL_Symbol. Arguably each on top of their race at the moment, both of them […] Continue Reading

Violet MLG Spring Arena 2 Champion

Zerg players rejoice, an all Zerg final at MLG Spring Arena 2. The Zerg king non-other than perhaps the most deserving of all the Zergs, Empire Violet. Despite being sick the whole event, wearing a mask over his face Violet destroyed the competition rising up to take down rival Zerg TSL_Symbol in the finals. Prize […] Continue Reading

MMA Defeats Symbol for Iron Squid

In what was a fantastic back and forth series between the two Korean giants, favourite Slayers MMA took down TSL Symbol 4-2 in the grand finals of the French major Iron Squid. The tournament itself was a true honour to the French people with fantastic production and sell-out 2700 strong crowd (pictured to the right) packed into […] Continue Reading